Coast & Marine Structures 2016

Best Practice Strategies for Design, Planning,Construction & Maintenance

Australia heavily relies on its maritime gateways to the international economy, as sea borne trade account for one third of our GDP. The capacity of ports to operate efficiently directly impacts our ability to grow and develop as a sustainable society.

The increase in international trade and the forecasted growth of cruise ships is now offsetting the downturn in the mining industry as most projects come close to completion. The Coast & Marine industry is therefore focusing on maintaining existing assets to prolong structure life in order to accommodate for this growth.

Coast & Marine Structures 2016 has been designed to address these changes by focusing on the following:


Managing existing assets through regular inspection and innovative maintenance techniques


Retrofitting existing structures to accommodate for forecasted shipping trends


Designing structures for longer life periods for gaining maximum value of investments

As we gather in March to learn from the past and explore the latest techniques, your attendance at this conference will provide your organisation with the insights required to adapt and stay relevant during the changing market conditions

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